About Us

Elco Computers was founded in the fall of 2010 by Erlis Miller. Recognizing a need for local computer service and support we began offering services to local business and residential clients. We have a vast experience not only in general PC support but also in Small Business IT systems.

We support a wide variety of clients:

Home Business – Single computers running basic business management software.
“SMB’s” – Small to Medium business’. Small business’ often have high expactations from their systems. They want top notch performance, without any headaches, at a value that works for them. We try to provide services that cater to this mentality leaving you to run your business instead of worrying about your tech problems.

Why trust the New Guy right?

See the thing is – we are not all that new. Erlis Miller founded Elco Computers on years of experience in the field of Computers, Networking and Business Systems. At 13 years of age his parent’s business PC crashed and was replaced. Having a desire to learn he dove into the old system until he found the cause of the crash and fixed it. In 2000 he took a summer job at a local computer service center in Lancaster, PA and then continued there during his senior year of High School under the Pennsylvania Work Study Program. After graduation he spent 3 years working full time in consulting and support for local IT Business Systems. In mid 2003, Erlis went to work for a wholesale company maintaining their business systems. In mid 2004, Erlis (with his wife) moved to the country of Grenada, a small island in the Caribbean, as a missionary working to better people’s live both spiritually and physically. Now back from Grenada, he is again offering his services to the world of Computer Technology and Business Systems.